Does Panda Express Taste Good

The feeling of Panda Express in the United States I think it’s very similar to Yoshinoya’s taste of Yoshinoya in the United States.

In the European and American countries, the French and Italians pay more attention to cooking and selecting food materials. Secondly, Spain has some characteristics. The Czech Republic, Austria in Central Europe, and Belgium in Western Europe also have a few dishes with their own flavor.

As for the United States, Britain, and Germany, there is not much emphasis on eating and cooking. To tell you the truth, I want to eat pizza and coffee for half a year and never get bored. Another one is a hamburger. I don’t think it’s delicious or boring.

Does Panda Express Taste Good

The taste of Americans is mainly sweet, generally sweet, almost everything like to put sugar or another sweet seasoning, followed by the fear of spicy. Nothing else. I wonder if you are the same as me. I really like sweets, but we think it’s OK to eat sweets most of the time. I’m afraid of spicy food.

A little is acceptable. I can accept the spicy flavor of Kung Pao Chicken in Panda Express. Besides, I’m not really trying.

Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, Indian curry pilaf, when they come to the United States, they will adapt to the American taste.

They put less salt, do not pursue spicy food, and generally add sugar. This is a common practice of the global catering industry in the United States. Some friends have to ask, is this kind of improvement still authentic local flavor? What’s your opinion? Anyway, I don’t care, as long as it suits my taste. Delicious, convenient, fast and lower price, I like it.

Panda Express Improvement

The feeling of Panda Express in the United States I think it’s very similar to Yoshinoya’s taste of Yoshinoya in the United States. Yoshinoya, whether it’s Shuangpin or beef rice, has different packaging and different ingredients, but they all taste the same. They can certainly taste the different textures of beef and chicken. Still, they are obviously the routine of industrial breeding and new meat processing.

Why do you say that? Before, I went to my Chinese colleague’s home for dinner. He said that he would make me authentic Chinese food. I remember chicken, beef, and noodles. He makes it salty.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s very delicious. At first, I thought my Chinese colleagues were not very good at cooking. However, I went to Shanghai, China, for a tour. I found out that my colleagues are making authentic Chinese food. But why do Panda Express in the United States make Chinese food with a sweet taste! Of course, because we Americans like lovely food.

For Americans, Panda Express is an excellent Chinese fast food. However, the last time I finished my meal, I heard another activity in Panda Express, participating in You can get a free entree item. Next time I must try.

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