Is This the Closest to English Chinese Food in the USA? PANDA EXPRESS

Our exploration of Panda Express revealed a taste of England in Manhattan. Despite post-pandemic price increases, the $14.70 meal provided generous portions and reasonable pricing.

Panda Express: A Taste of England in Manhattan

A culinary journey awaits you at Panda Express in the center of Manhattan.

Are you interested in this well-known Chinese restaurant chain's flavor and cost? Come along as we discuss our experience at the Panda Express at 51st and 3rd, a location that many viewers have recommended.


We've learned a secret from our years of experience eating Chinese food: Panda Express's flavor profile can make you think of real English Chinese food. Could this be the ideal ratio of English and American flavors?

Right now, I'm in Manhattan, New York City, standing at the intersection of 51st and 3rd, and many of my viewers have recommended that I go there.

It's a Chinese eatery called Panda Express. I'll tell you a secret: three or four years ago, I visited a Panda Express in New Jersey. It's a franchise, and the number of them is enormous. It tasted a lot like English Chinese food, as I recall. Let's say you are from America or have visited the country.

You will then be aware that Chinese food from America doesn't taste as delicious as Chinese food from England. Because I'm English, I could be prejudiced.

Panda Express Review: Assessing Value, Taste, and Overall Experience

Panda Express will be rated according to its appearance and cost. Many of you have commented that it is inexpensive, yet since the pandemic, everything in America has become incredibly costly.

Remember to hit the subscribe button and enable notifications if you're new to my channel so you don't miss any updates. Let's get in there and give it a rating right now. I've already sampled the chicken with black pepper.

Orange chicken, which is meant to be one of their specialties, and white rice were additional items I bought. The whole cost was $14.70, which wasn't too awful, in my opinion. I also had a little prawn cracker and a Diet Coke. Even though I'm exhausted today, I had to sample their fortune cookie.

No chopsticks, but okay, let's get started. This is the orange chicken, I believe, and it looks nice. Not as much MSG as in the UK. After trying both, I'll let you know which is my favorite.


The orange chicken is amazing, I must say. I ought to have had two portions. It tastes just as good, if a little weaker than in the UK. The chicken with black pepper was also delicious. Let's give this fortune cookie a score of 10 by opening it.

I'm willing to own up to my errors, but I'm happy to report that today was error-free. For $14.70, Panda Express offers great meals at a fair price. My favorite meal was the orange chicken, which was cooked to perfection.

It tastes just like the Chinese food you would get at an English Chinese restaurant, which makes it the best Chinese food I've had in America, in my opinion. It receives a strong 9 out of 10. I heartily suggest trying Panda Express if you haven't already.


Our exploration of Panda Express revealed a taste of England in Manhattan. Despite post-pandemic price increases, the $14.70 meal provided generous portions and reasonable pricing.

The orange chicken, a supposed specialty, indeed lived up to its reputation. Its authentic flavor and absence of MSG paralleled that of English Chinese cuisine, delighting our taste buds. The black pepper chicken also proved enjoyable.

While its Americanized touch was less intense than its British counterpart, Panda Express managed to capture the essence of the culinary adventure. We confidently award it a solid 9 out of 10, highly recommending it as a satisfying Chinese dining experience in the heart of Manhattan.

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