Panda Express San Diego CA

I thought my Orange Chicken would score 95. Orange Chicken and Panda Express San Diego CA restaurant taught me to make other Chinese food.

Possessing a job in Panda Express San Diego, CA, was my dream when I was 17 years old.

I didn’t go to any university, just studied in an ordinary high school for three years. Usually, there are not many courses, there is a lot of free time, such as after school. At that time, I often wanted to find something to pass the time, so I chose computer games initially.

Panda Express San Diego CA

You know, at that time, my body was just at the stage of development. I couldn’t say that I was firm, but I always played computer games in the room and felt bored. I should keep my muscles moving. Although it’s not a fitness type, it’s better to go out for a walk than stay at home.

So, I have the idea of part-time working after school.

In the beginning, I didn’t notice Panda Express. After all, it’s Chinese food. I think their primary requirement is that they can cook Chinese food. And I was just a high school student, so I chose to try my luck at McDonald’s.

You know San Diego CA’s McDonald’s job is not easy to get. They first asked me if I had a similar catering experience, and I said I didn’t. Asked if I had any other social work experience, I replied that I still didn’t.

In this way, the first job in my life, I was rejected by McDonald’s.

After the first failure was experienced six times in succession in other McDonald’s of San Diego, CA. In this way, my confidence was incredibly hit by McDonald’s. It’s impossible to say that you don’t doubt yourself. At that time, I was very negative. I want a chance to make hamburgers at McDonald’s.

Once again, by chance, my neighbor, older than me, works in Panda Express. When he came to my home to play computer games, he learned that I had failed seven McDonald’s interviews, and then he recommended Panda Express.

Panda Express San Diego, CA, will give me a part-time job. I appreciate it.

In the beginning, a leader told us a few new hires about the company culture, the Panda Express founder, and how they bought the best Orange Chicken in the United States. What surprised me most was that she promised that we would make the perfect Orange Chicken as long as we studied hard.

I’m surprised by Panda Express. I can’t believe it will happen shortly. I have fantasized that I put on the chef’s work clothes, busy in the back kitchen of Panda Express, making Orange Chicken for our loyal customers. Customers at the end of the meal have shed their dinner message.

You know what? In the beginning, every time I got off work, my arm was excruciating. You see, I don’t cook at home, and I don’t have much family work. I’m paralyzed in the kitchen. However, I think that my family or friends will soon cheer for me after tasting my hand-made Orange Chicken, so I think the hard work is worth it.

Three months later, as I wish, I thought my Orange Chicken would score 95. Orange Chicken and Panda Express San Diego CA restaurant taught me to make other Chinese food, such as Beijing Beef, Broccoli Beef, Kung Pao chicken, and so on.

After many years, I feel fortunate when I think back to my 17 years working in Panda Express San Diego, CA. Although I am not engaged in the catering industry, you know this experience has given me great encouragement.

The Panda Express San Diego CA store is still there. Whenever I feel lost, I choose to go to the store and sit. The assistant you know has been changed, but that familiar sense of security will always be found. This is the starting point for me to get out of society from school.

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