What’s The Dining Experience Of Panda Express

Since we asked about taste, service, and word of mouth, let’s talk about it from these three perspectives. We chose a Panda Express store in Brooklyn, New York.

Since we asked about taste, service, and word of mouth, let’s talk about it from these three perspectives. We chose a Panda Express store in Brooklyn, New York.

Panda Express belongs to the form of fast food. You can order three different packages.

What's The Dining Experience Of Panda Express
  • Bowl: the tiniest amount, you can choose an entree and one side. The price is the cheapest.
  • Plate: you can choose two entrees, one side, and moderate price.
  • Bigger: you can choose three entrees, one side, the most expensive.

As you can see, one entree is the most expensive. The more we choose, the more expensive it is. As for how many entrees to choose from, it can be decided by the number of diners. I especially like the signature dishes of Panda Express, Orange Chicken, and Beijing Beef.

This time, we chose a more giant plate, rice as the side, and Beijing Beef, Orange Chicken, and Kung Pao Chicken.

In the upper left corner of the box is Kung Pao Chicken. In the black plastic plate, the orange one is Orange Chicken, the darker one is Beijing Beef, and the so-called lucky cookie is in the upper right corner.

Does Panda Express Taste Good

Of course, it’s very delicious. The rice is not white, but yellow rice. This is a kind of rice that people in the Caribbean island like very much. Compared with the white rice we eat, the taste is very delicious. It is not as tender as the white rice. It has a slight coconut flavor, but it tastes a little salty.

Kung Pao Chicken is spicy, but it’s acceptable. I wonder if I put too much tender meat powder. Tangerine peel chicken tastes sour. My colleagues think it’s the same as eating ginger.

This entree is Panda Express’s signature dish. It’s said that 30% of Panda Express’s profit comes from this dish. Beijing Beef is surprisingly good, not particularly sour, and it tastes just right. Overall feeling, sour and sweet with a little spicy, the most important thing is too much oil. You can see how much oil you put in from the reflection of the meat.

Panda Express Customer Service

As we all know, there is no service in the fast-food restaurant. The kitchen is connected with the ordering area. After eating, they consciously throw things into the garbage can. I feel that the decoration style of Panda Express is not bad.

Panda Express Public Praise

We arrived at about 13:30 local time. The average point is almost past the mealtime of the Americans. As a result, we found that the crowd was packed, and the line reached the door when we went there.

If you look at it carefully, there are no more Asian faces except for ourselves. Not even an Indian, not even a Bangladeshi. You know, New York is almost occupied by them. Asked a few Americans in line, they generally said it was OK. They would choose Panda Express when eating alone, mainly because it was fast and healthy.

After all, it was not fried food. And vegetables, interviews, and meat. When asked about my favorite dish, some said it was Orange Chicken, some said it was Broccoli Beef.


Typical American Chinese food, Americans like it very much, reasonable price, convenient and fast. You can also get a free entree item after you join PandaExress.com/feedback. Takeaway food is also available. Overall, I feel perfect. When it’s time to eat, there are more people in line.

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