Panda Express Firecracker Chicken Breast Recipe

Panda Express firecracker chicken breast recipe is coming from 2022. Panda Express still launched firecracker chicken to celebrate the new year 2022.

Panda Express firecracker chicken breast recipe is coming from 2022. When it comes to the Chinese new year, we talk about which zodiac sign is coming this year and more about what we eat in the Chinese New Year.

Panda Express Firecracker Chicken Breast Recipe

This year, as usual, on the occasion of the Chinese new year, Panda Express still launched firecracker chicken to celebrate the new year. The firecracker chicken is perfect. Only in the new year, the firecrackers can taste firecracker chicken. The bold and rich taste is unforgettable.

When Does Panda Express Have Firecracker Chicken 2022

So in this post about the main course of Panda Express, I tried the firecracker chicken breast Panda Express. Firecracker chicken breast is back to celebrate the lunar new year. It’s a great low-calorie choice from Panda Express in 170 calories. I hope you like this post review.

What kind of beans are used in the Panda Express firecracker chicken recipe? They’re all covered with sweet, hot black bean sauce. An addictive stir fry. If you want to know how much it costs for firecracker chicken breast at Panda Express. And don’t forget how to get Panda Express free entree.

Now it’s time for the firecracker chicken to be sold. There is a quick access link to the firecracker chicken on the Panda Express official website. I just visited the website of Panda Express. Click ‘Order Now’ to enter the ordering process.

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What Is Firecracker Chicken

This is a Chinese and American dish promoted by Panda Express. Generally speaking, it contains brown meat, sweet pepper, and a small number of Chinese condiments, such as sea cucumber, oyster sauce, and soy sauce.

The addition of black beans makes it have a unique flavor. To be honest, even if there are peppers, I don’t think this firecracker chicken is particularly spicy. Maybe I’m a person who likes chili very much.

But look at the pictures. This dish took some experience in choosing the ingredients. The sweet peppers are yellow, red, and green in a question about Panda Express firecracker chicken nutrition. We should be able to see this without calculation. Vegetables and chicken, with pepper, perfect.

Panda Express Firecracker Chicken Copycat

Panda Express Firecracker Chicken Ingredients

  • 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • 1 pound of sliced chicken breast
  • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of Chinese wine for cooking
  • ¼ cup of water
  • ¼ teaspoon + 1 tablespoon of cornstarch
  • ½ red bell pepper, seeded, cored, and cubed into 1-inch
  • 1 teaspoon of sesame oil
  • 6 pieces of chili pepper, dried wholly
  • ½ yellow bell pepper, seeded, cored, and cubed into 1-inch
  • 1 sliced and peeled onion
  • 1 teaspoon of red chili pepper, dried and crushed
  • 1 grated and peeled thumb-sized ginger
  • 3 cloves of minced and peeled garlic
  • 1 tablespoon of drained and rinsed black beans

Panda Express Firecracker Chicken Cooking Instructions

  1. Combine one tablespoon of vegetable oil, chicken, one tablespoon of cornstarch and soy sauce, one tablespoon of wine for cooking into a bowl.
  2. Marinate and pour it into the chicken for approximately 20-30 minutes.
  3. Wait for the chicken to drain well.
  4. Combine the remaining wine for cooking (one tablespoon), water, ¼ teaspoon cornstarch, one tablespoon of soy sauce, and sesame oil in a small bowl.
  5. Set aside after stirring it well together.
  6. Heat one tablespoon of vegetable oil over high heat in a skillet or a wok.
  7. Stir fry for approximately 10-20 seconds after adding the bell peppers.
  8. Keep it warm after removing it from the wok.
  9. Cook it well after adding the chicken.
  10. Frequently stir the chicken for approximately 2-3 minutes or until the color turns light brown and cooked thoroughly.
  11. Keep it warm after removing it from the wok.
  12. If needed, wipe down the wok.
  13. Add the remaining one tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  14. Cook for approximately 5-10 seconds or until the color turns dark after adding all dried peppers.
  15. Add garlic, onions, and ginger.
  16. Frequently stir it until it smells good or until it is cooked thoroughly.
  17. Add salted black beans and crushed red pepper.
  18. Regularly stir it for approximately 20-30 seconds or until it is cooked thoroughly.
  19. Add bell peppers, chicken, and the sauce mixture to a pan.
  20. Regularly stir it for approximately 1-2 minutes or until it is cooked thoroughly and the sauce is thickened slightly.
  21. Well, your Panda Express Firecracker Chicken Recipe is ready to serve while it is still hot.

It only takes half an hour to make the Panda Express firecracker chicken recipe. You need 10 minutes to prepare all the ingredients and 20 minutes to cook them.

The food is part of the main dishes served usually at the celebration of Chinese New Year, making it one of the famous Asian cuisines that people eat worldwide.

Panda Express Firecracker Chicken Recipe

The entrees of Panda Express is firecracker chicken, which has been very popular for many years. Because this firecracker chicken is only launched on the Chinese Lunar New Year.

So in peacetime, we can’t see it. However, it is approaching the new year of 2022, and there are still a few days to go. Now is the time to taste this delicious firecracker chicken in Panda Express. My love of this dish is so overwhelming that I have to share it with my audience.

So, if you like this dish as much as I do or are just curious about its taste, this is your chance to enjoy it again, anytime you want. Now notice the name of the dish, firecracker chicken.

Panda Express will only launch it during the Chinese Lunar New Year. Chinese people are very attentive in eating. It’s like this firecracker chicken. Every bite you take is like a firecracker in your mouth. Once, it’s fragrant, spicy, sweet, and crisp. Also, this firecracker chicken recipe is lighter than most chicken because it’s not mashed or fried.

There is no need to take food away from the Panda Express. You can do it directly at home from your kitchen. The delicious and full-bodied recipe of firecracker chicken in Panda Express is the perfect choice for the whole family during the Spring Festival.

How To Make Panda Express Firecracker Chicken

  1. Prep the sauce. Start by whisking the hoisin sauce, pepper flakes, oyster sauce, and other ingredients together.
  2. Pan-fry. Next, dredge the breast chunks in flour, eggs, then flour again. Pan-fry them in batches until golden and crispy outside.
  3. Heat the sesame oil, then stir-fry the onions, chilies, and bell peppers until tender. Follow with the ginger, minced garlic, and black beans. Continue stir-frying, then add the chili sauce. Finally, pour the sauce, give everything a good stir to coat, and wait a couple of minutes until the sauce thickens.
  4. Plate it up with sesame seeds and green onions on top.

Is Panda Express Firecracker Chicken Spicy

If you are particularly concerned about whether the food is spicy or not, I suggest you not eat it. If you’ve ever eaten Orange Chicken from Panda Express, the spicy flavor of firecracker chicken should be the same as orange chicken. This is on the official website. In addition to sweet pepper, they also used red pepper.

My family and I like spicy food. This will make us feel very warm and comfortable. If you want to taste it, just remove the pepper and don’t eat it. The sauce here is also perfect.

If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

Now fast-food restaurants are excellent, especially the American fast-food chains like Panda Express. Chinese fast food is different from western fast food because Chinese fast food is delicious.

If you want to lose weight, it can be a challenge. It’s not that the food in Panda Express is high in calories. Because it’s delicious, especially the firecracker chicken in Panda Express, which will be launched in Chinese New Year. You need to control your appetite.

If you are a weight watcher and trying to lose weight, I think you can taste the Panda Express firecracker chicken. According to the official website of Panda Express. This firecracker chicken is shallow in calories, only 170 calories. It also contains fiber that can help you get in every day. All in all, this is the Panda Express firecracker chicken nutrition value of the meal.

Calories from Fat65
Total Fat7 g
Saturated Fat1.5 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol50 mg
Sodium650 mg
Total Carbohydrates10 g
Dietary Fiber1 g
Sugar5 g
Protein16 g


If you don’t have time to eat at home, for example, if you want to change your taste, don’t avoid eating in fast-food restaurants, likes Panda Express. If there is a Panda Express near you, you will be fortunate. The food provided by Panda Express is very good for our health.

Now it’s the Chinese lunar new year of 2022. You should taste the firecracker chicken. You can also check the Panda Express firecracker chicken coupon first. If you have this firecracker chicken coupon, it will be better.

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