8 Treasure Chicken Breast Review

8 Treasure Chicken review and show you how to make a treasure chicken, the chicken and other sauces and multiple Chinese materials, and make fantastic food.

Panda Express has launched the 8 Treasure Chicken Breast dish to celebrate the Chinese new year, which is a surprise in this cold winter. This is a unique and more suitable delicacy for you, specially made for our festival.

Eight kinds of high-quality food materials, such as fermented black beans and Chinese sausage, are the main dishes of the festival.


American Chinese food is rich in taste and symbolizes good luck in the coming year. Let’s take a look at the 8 Treasure Chicken Breast. And you can find more PandaExpress feedback start our home page.

8 Treasure Chicken Breast American Taste

As a natural supplier of Chinese taste food, Panda Express has launched a rich and colorful new menu, mainly from the Sichuan and Shanghai regions of China. It combines traditional ingredients and has a unique taste.

It is tailored to meet the taste of American guests. The 8 Treasure Chicken Breast in Panda Express is different from the real Sichuan taste of China.

Sichuan taste of China. If you taste it, it will feel very spicy. Sichuan people like spicy food, which is very spicy. Panda Express has improved the taste in our country. The food in Shanghai is sweet. Panda Express combines spicy and sweet flavors and has 8 Treasure Chicken Breast specially made for the American people.

8 Treasure Chicken Breast celebrates our roots with nostalgic Chinese ingredients such as sausages and fermented black beans. It presents them to our guests uniquely, symbolizing our American and Chinese culture.

Jimmy Wang

Director of culinary innovation at Panda Express. ‘Our hope is that this new dish will be a wonderful time for family and friends to be reunited and optimistic in this Chinese New Year.’

Symbolizing the prosperity of the new year, 8 Treasure Chicken Breast is specially made for festivals. The main course consists of seasonal vegetables, white chicken breast, Chinese sausages, red, green peppers, celery, fermented black beans, and dried peppers, with a sauce suitable for Americans.

8 Treasure Chicken Breast Nutrition Content

Look at the nutrition content on the official website of Panda Express, which contains 20 grams of protein and only 230 calories per serving. For those who want to start the year healthily.

There are many things in this dish. There are at least eight ingredients. So you have chicken, sausages, red, green peppers, celery, black beans, and dried peppers. I just saw celery, black beans.

If you can’t eat too spicy, you can skip those peppers, which may be too spicy. This 8 Treasure Chicken Breast is perfect. I like it, and the Chinese sausage is delicious.

To match the 8 Treasure Chicken Breast dish, Panda Express recommends eating it with rice. Here, tell you the best way to mix rice with 8 Treasure Chicken Breast soups. It is delicious.

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