Panda Express Chinese Spare Ribs Review

Let me introduce the Panda Express Chinese spare ribs. Look at the colors of the dish, how beautiful it is. It’s a particular taste of Chinese spare ribs.

Hello everyone. Welcome to the PandaExpress feedback reviews. How are you eating today? If not, let me introduce the Chinese spare ribs in Panda Express. Look at the colors of the dish, how beautiful it is. Does this arouse your appetite? Next, let’s take a look at the Chinese spare ribs.

Panda Express Chinese Spare Ribs Review

This is a barbecue. It’s a particular taste of Chinese spare ribs. Delicious Chinese spare ribs are made through a slow stew over low heat and Chinese barbecue sauce. The juice is smooth, and I hope you like it.

Chinese Spare Ribs Nutritional Contents

According to the nutrition content provided by Panda Express, it includes 370 calories, 25g fat, and 28g proteins. What do you think about it? It seems that nutrition is a little high. You can refer to your daily fitness parameters to consider how much to eat at a time.

Look at the dish I have. There is no drink. I can eat the spare ribs with my hands. But look at the juice. It’s very thick. Yes, it’s also sticky. After eating these spare ribs, we have to use napkins. However, I suggest you eat the spare ribs with your hands. Do you know why? You’d better experience it yourself.

Chinese Spare Ribs Features

I hope all of you can have a good memory after tasting the Chinese spare ribs from Panda Express. The Chinese spare ribs are perfect for your health.

I guess the juice is soy sauce and sugar, stir-fried in the pot, and then simmer with onion, ginger, and garlic.

The Chinese spare ribs in Panda Express are different from the roasted spare ribs in Indonesia. Indonesia’s grilled spare ribs roast the ribs and then constantly spread barbecue sauce on the grilled ribs. Keep baking, constantly daubing.

But the Chinese spare ribs are first fried with sugar and stewed over low heat. What’s the difference? Chinese food, mainly to stew and steam, to complete food production. It can best retain the nutrients of food ingredients and is suitable for our health.

After eating the Chinese spare ribs, look at the mess I’ve made. It doesn’t matter. I have napkins and a toothpick. Finally, I hope you like the Chinese spare ribs of Panda Express, just like me.

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