Panda Express Chinese New Year Celebration Plate Review

Panda Express provides 8 Treasure Chicken to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It has launched this dish to make your new year’s resolution has a good start.

About Panda Express

2013 is the 30th anniversary of the Panda Express. By 2022, Panda Express had been established for 39 years. Let’s celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Panda Restaurant in advance.

Founded in 1983 and with nearly 1,700 outlets in 42 states, Panda Express is part of the Panda Restaurant Group, the world leader in the Asian dining experience.

Successful concept chains include Panda Express, Panda Inn, and Hibachi-San. Panda Express is famous for its Orange Chicken, SweetFire Chicken Breast, Honey Walnut Shrimp, and Shanghai Angus Steak. More Panda Express menu that please check from the official website

I eat Chinese food at least once a week. It may be my health problem, but I’m not going to stop right now, and I always think eating Chinese food will be very good for my health, even fast food.

Speaking of this, I am very excited when I think of Lo Mein, Kung Pao chicken, and fried rice. It will be noon soon. I may plan to go to the Panda Express restaurant again at noon.

This may be why most people like Panda Express restaurant, because the food provided by Panda Express Restaurant is very, very delicious, and it is conducive to your health. I believe it.

Panda Express Chinese New Year Celebration Plate

Panda Express, the world’s leading restaurant experience in Asia, launched its latest high-end cuisine on January 30, featuring substantial prawns, just in time for the Chinese New Year celebration plate and the year of the snake.

Panda Express Chinese New Year Celebration Plate Review

Tangy Jumbo Shrimp combines crispy, super prawns, fresh sugar peas, and sweet red peppers, and a new spicy Asian seafood sauce is added to the frying pan.

8 Treasure Chicken For Panda Express Chinese New Year

Nowadays, most people pay attention to a healthy diet. Many people, like me, are crazy about healthy Chinese food.

The Panda Express provides 8 Treasure Chicken to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Panda Express has launched this healthy dish to make your new year’s resolution have a good start.

So, if you haven’t started eating healthy on January 1, here’s a chance to try that determination. This dish is delicious, and the implication is also very good.

Symbolizing Good Luck And Success In The Coming Year

Its name is that it has eight magical ingredients, symbolizing good luck and success in the coming year. It seems that every Chinese dish has its own story behind it.

In addition to all the white chicken strips, this dish includes fermented black beans, Chinese sausage, green and red peppers, celery, dry-chili peppers, and a spicy sauce, which complements everything perfectly. You’ll forget that this dish is much healthier than regular sesame chicken or Kung Pao chicken.

To blend American and Chinese culture, Panda Express designed this dish. How do you understand this? Do you feel that you are already on the table with a solid Chinese culture!

This dish is just one part of the Panda Express Chinese New Year celebration.

Therefore, the launch of this new dish is entirely due to the Chinese New Year, the start of the Panda Express Spring Festival celebration.

They introduced the new dish and used a new takeout box designed by famous Chinese American artist Jing Wei from Brooklyn.

They will use Wei’s design, so order takeaway from Panda Express first before the celebration ends.

So, if you are as enamored with Panda Express Chinese new year food as me, you have to go to Panda Express to buy this propitious 8 Treasure Chicken today.

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