Honey Glazed Pork Belly Review

Panda Express’s latest special is the Honey Glazed Pork Belly, which I have to say looks tempting. Some of the same pork belly with a very delicious sauce.

For this time, I headed into the Panda Express kitchen in Pasadena, California, to look at a brand new season. A lot of surprises got on the menu that looks tasty.

What was it this time? Of course, it’s the Panda Express’s new menu, and it’s the Panda Express honey glazed pork belly. You can also see more Panda Express surveys.

Honey Glazed Pork Belly Review

Honey Glazed Pork Belly In Panda Express

It’s all about Panda Express kitchen and their latest unique, the honey glazed pork belly, which I have to say looks tempting. Some of the same pork belly with a very delicious sauce.

If you look at the pork belly, you can know how powerful the chef in the Panda Express is. Each piece is cut to the same thickness. The honey glazed pork bellies look very meaty and cut up very nicely, browned on the edges.

My suggestion is to put these pork bellies on rice and eat them together. This is a very healthy suggestion. This dish is very succulent.

Can you imagine that? A honey barbecue sauce with Chinese flavor is wrapped with some delicious pork belly, which looks plentiful and delicious. Please remember my advice. If you order this honey glazed pork belly in Panda Express, you must eat it with rice.

Best Healthy Combination

Do you know what’s the best combination for this honey glazed pork belly? With rice, of course. The effect of this combination is fantastic. It’s excellent to mix the juice into the rice.

If you add some eggs and some vegetables and stir fry, you will feel the overall appearance is like fried rice.

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