2024 Trying Panda Express For The First Time

2024 PANDA Express I've heard honestly both sides of the spectrum. It's either like really lit and really dope and really good, or I've heard absolute horror stories about getting food poisoning

PANDA Express I've heard honestly both sides of the spectrum. It's either like really lit and really dope and really good, or I've heard absolute horror stories about getting food poisoning and like almost dying. I don't think that's the best word.

Umfull of anxiety. Yeah, But today I'll be trying panda express for the first time ever, and this canthis can go either way. I really don't know how this is going out. So where I grow there was no panda expresses like ever. Like I don't think they existed where I lived.

But now that I moved out and I'm in New York City, there's one right near me. So let's go. I've never had authentic Chinese food. I've only had the Americanized like Chinese lunch. So I'm kinda guessing it'll be like that. But I guess we'll see panda express.

Ohoh my god, What a fancy website? Order now. So I guess I'll do a bigger plate, so I can try the most hit, let me do that.

That's actually not bad, considering the amount of money I've spent in my other food videos. And I'm like that. Chow mein, Fried rice, orange chicken, honey, walnut shrimp, Black pepper chicken, cream cheese, ringsoons, and a veggie spring roll.

Let's go. Alrighty guys, Wait, this is straight. Okay, I decided I'm going to eat here because the lighting's good. That's it. Here we go, Steven, I mean Panda Express. Alright. So we got a big plate with Chow mein and Fried rice, Orange chicken and honey, walnut shrimp, Black pepper chicken, and veggie spring rolls and cheese ringsoons. I'm very excited. Notgonna lie. The service there, phenomenal. I marched in and my order wasn't ready.


Chow Mein, Chow Mein, Chow Mein, Chow Mein

Like I'm early, like it shouldn't be ready yet. She's like here. I was like, damn, work, Oh my god. fortune. cookies, Oh how cute! Okay, I'm going to do one now and then one at the end. My fortune is you bring out the best in others. That's not very true. Is it focused? I literally can't tell.

No, we focus on the wrong thing. Yum Wait, obsessed. Wow, Thank God, I looked at my watch just now. I feel like you guys never know why I look at my watch so much. It's because I have a viewfinder, because that would have been out of focus the entire time. Oh my god, I'm nervous.

Is this in focus? Here we go. Here is my plate. Let's do a grand reveal. ready. This look good. Wait, hold on. Okay, first look, The Chow mein looks scary. The Fried Rice looks flavorless. The walnut shrimp and the orange chicken looks pretty good.

All right, my rangoons, black pepper chicken. Oh, they couldn't fit it in here. So this is a black pepper chicken here. And egg rolls, so cute. Let's do the big plate first. Okay, let's do the trick my. Here we go. Actually, maybe it doesn't look that bad. Okay, here we go ready.

Ow, Was that like a rock I just bit into? Oh, it was a walnut. Um no, No, it's good. It's good. Is it the best? No, Listen, it's enjoyable. I'm not mad.

I'm like eating the entire thing. You're on to something. Okay, let's try thisfried rice. I am a very, very harsh critic onfried rice. So let's see. Granted, I have literally no qualifications, but I think I've had so muchfried rice in my time. I know, I know, I know. Here we go.

Let's go back to that, Chow mein. Oh yes, Mm, Okay, the way I thought it would be the opposite. I thought the Fried rice was going to be the best, and the Chow mein to be a little favorite but-flavorless, but I guess that was wrong.

I- Hate being wrong. I did just choke, but that's okay. I saved myself. I'm so scared of living alone because, like what if I die? What if I choke? I'm dead, I'm gone. Oh well, I'll think about that later. Okay, so let's try the honey- walnut shrimp. Here we go. It looks pretty yummy. And honey, Okay, let's get a walnut in there.

Big Shrimp – The Biggest Name Ever

Big shrimp. What was that Drake and Josh movie called? Really big shrimp–weirdest name ever. I still–I thought that when I was a kid, and I still think that to this day. I'm like what the fist? Anyway, yeah, divine, like literally so good. This tastes similar to rock shrimp that I would get at like an all-you-can-eat sushi place.

Can I do a bite with like everything I'm going do it? That Panda knows what it's doing. More pandas should stop eating bamboo and get in the kitchen and cook, Cause that was good. Orange chicken is like the number one most popular item at panda, so I'll be the judge of that.

Panda Express – Orange Chicken

Let's see. Oh my god, I forgot. Umm, let me do another piece. Umm. No, I don't think I like that. But nothing against panda express. I think it's just orange chicken.

I don't think I like it. This is very, very sweet. It's almost like Actually, yeah, it is panda express.

This is a very sweet orange chicken. It's like hurting my teeth. People who eat this regularly, like what's your dentist saying? But the walnut shrimp.

Umm, I'mgonna eat every single one like I'mgonna do it. I don't get how we can have over-air internet and things like air drop in bluetooth. When, like, why can't we have that for battery? Like why can't battery just be like in the air.

I'm Deaf in This Ear Right Now!

Pretty sure that would give us all cancer. But anyway, Black pepper chicken. Here we go. Okay, looks um radioactive, but it smells really good. Wow, big onion. I love onion. Can try and get all the yummy goodness. Mmm whatever sauce that is, and the pepper on the chicken depends on the name. That was dumb.

yummy kiss, kiss, and kiss. That was really good, mm, yum, Okay, egg rolls. These are the vegetable ones, I think yes, vegetable spring rolls. Oh sorry, not egg rolls. spring roll looks pretty yummy and not um overly greasy, which I appreciate. There's no crunch, they'reggy.

That's okay. No, those taste like vegetable spring rolls from like a really good restaurant. But they've been like throw outside and they likerolled around in the dirt, got like ran over a couple times.

They were flattened and then someone like pumped air in it to like reflate it. But it's like still bad. So that's my description. Okay.

last but not least, and what I'm most excited for are the cream cheese ring goons, because I get crab ring goons at all. You can eat sushi and they're so good. So let's see if these compare. They have so many different names.

It's either cheese, wonton, money bag, and ring goon. I'm like what's it? When is it? Mmm Meh, it was something. Amillennial murp that just gave me the ick for myself and I need to kill myself tonight.

Yeah, these aren't that good. No, Okay, listen, I'm very shocked. I liked most of it. Chow mein like actually so yummy. You're funny for thinking that'sfried rice.

Orange chicken–not my favorite, but I think it might be a personal preference, and it was just really sweet. honey–well, not shrimp, you better honey, while not in my I'm dead. Black pepper chicken- phenomenal.

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