2024 Trying Panda Express For The First Time

2024 PANDA Express I've heard honestly both sides of the spectrum. It's either like really lit and really dope and really good, or I've heard absolute horror stories about getting food poisoning

Panda Express: A First-Time Foodie's Experience

Panda Express. What comes to mind first? Delightful flavours or food sickness horror stories?

As a first-timer venturing into the world of Panda Express, I'm eager to discover the truth myself.

Was it worth the hype? Was it as bad as some people say? Will my dining experience be the stuff of dreams or nightmares?

Read on to find out what lies behind the iconic Panda Express facade.

The PANDA Express, To be honest, I've heard all points of view. Either it's extremely tasty and dope and lit, or I've heard the most horrific stories about people dying from food sickness. That's not, in my opinion, the finest word.

filled with fear. Yes, but I'm going to try Panda Express for the first time today, and things could work well or not. I have no idea how this is progressing. Thus, there were never any panda expressions in the place where I grew up. Where I lived, I don't believe they were around.

However, there's one close to me now that I'm in New York City and have moved out. Alright, let's move. I've never tried real Chinese cuisine. All I've had for lunch is Americanized Chinese food. I'm assuming that's how it will be. We'll see Panda Express.

What a fancy website, oh my goodness! Place your order now. Allow me to attempt a larger plate in order to try as many hits as possible.

Considering how much money I've spent on my other food vids, that's actually not too awful. And that's how I am. Fried rice, chow mein, orange chicken, honey walnut shrimp, chicken with black pepper, cream cheese, ringsoons, and a vegetable spring roll are all served.

Alright, the wonderful lighting here has convinced me to eat. We were given a large platter that had cheese ringsoons, walnut shrimp, orange chicken with honey, black pepper chicken, veggie spring rolls, and chow mein. I am ecstatic. I won't lie. There, the service was excellent. When I walked in, my order wasn't prepared.


Chow Mein

It shouldn't be ready yet, and I'm early. She is similar to this. I thought, "Oh my god, damn work." luck. cookies Oh, how adorable! Alright, I'll do one now and one at the conclusion. It's my luck that you make people want to be better. It's not entirely accurate. Is it well-focused? I really am unable to tell.

No, our attention is diverted. I think you people never understand why I'm always staring at my watch. That's because I had a viewfinder; otherwise, the entire time, it would have been out of focus. My goodness, I'm anxious.

Is this focused? Let's get started. This is my dish. Let's have a big reveal. prepared. This appears nice. Hold on and wait. Alright, the Chow mein appears frightening at first glance. There's no taste to the fried rice. Both the orange chicken and the walnut shrimp seem delicious.

Okay, my black pepper chicken rangoons. Well, that just wouldn't fit in here. This chicken is prepared with black pepper. Egg rolls are adorable as well. First, let's tackle the large plate. Well, let's perform the magic. Let's get started. Perhaps it doesn't look all that horrible after all.

Oh no, Was what I just bit into like a rock? It was a walnut. It's excellent. Is it the finest? No, listen, you're enjoying it. I'm not angry.

I'm practically gorging on it. You have a valid point. Let's try this fried rice now. I have quite severe opinions about fried rice. So let's investigate. I mean, I'm completely unqualified, but I believe I've eaten a lot of fried rice in my lifetime. I am aware of all of this. Let's get started.

Chow mein, let's get back to that. That makes sense. That's not how I had anticipated it to work. I guess I was wrong when I assumed that the chow mein would be the least flavorful and the fried rice would be the finest.

I detest being in error. It's okay; I did just choke. I rescued myself. Living alone scares me so much because what if I die? How would I feel if I choke? I'm gone; I'm dead.

Alright, I'll give that some thought later. Alright, time to sample the honey-walnut shrimp. Let's get started. It appears quite tasty. Additionally, honey Alright, let's insert a walnut.

Big Shrimp – The Biggest Name Ever

Large shrimp. Which movie starred Josh and Drake? The oddest name ever for a really huge shrimp. That is still what I think today, just as I did when I was younger. What the fist, I ask? Well, whatever, it's divine, really that good. This tastes like the kind of rock shrimp you get at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.

Could I take a bite out of everything I'm planning? That Panda is skilled at what it does. That was excellent. More pandas ought to get in the kitchen and cook instead of consuming bamboo. I'll be the judge of that; Orange chicken is Panda's most popular dish.

Panda Express – Orange Chicken

I'm not sure that I enjoy it. This is quite charming. It nearly seems as though Panda Express is here.

This orange chicken has a really pleasant taste. It feels like dental pain. Individuals that consume this on a daily basis, what is your dentist saying? However, the shrimp with walnuts.

I'm going to devour each and every one of them like I'm going to do it. How we can have airdrops in Bluetooth and over-the-air internet is beyond me. How come we can't have that for batteries, like, when? Why are batteries not only able to be in the air?

I'm Deaf in This Ear Right Now!

That would most likely result in cancer for each of us. Anyhow, black pepper-crusted chicken. Now let's get going. It appears highly radioactive, but it smells fantastic. Whoa, that onion is big. I love onions. I could try to get hold of every mouthwatering morsel. The type of sauce and the amount of pepper used on the chicken are the determining factors.

Sweet kisses everywhere. That was really good. Now for some fried eggs. These are the vegetarian ones; they seem to be vegetable spring rolls. It wasn't egg rolls, I apologize. The spring roll doesn't seem overly greasy or oily, which is nice.

Everything is well. No, those taste like pretty good vegetarian spring rolls from a restaurant. But they have been run over, tossed outside, and fallen into the ground a few occasions.

Someone pumped air into them to inflate them after they had been compressed. It's still not good. That brings my description to an end.

Not to add, I never get crab ring goons, so the cream cheese ring goons are what I'm most anticipating. You can indulge in some wonderful sushi. Let's investigate how things stack up. They go by so many different names.

Money bag, cheese, wonton, or ring goon. Something was there, hmm. Amillennial murp, I have to commit suicide right now. I got the ick all by myself.

I found most of it to be enjoyable. Chow mein tastes really good. That you think that's fried rice is amusing.

Although it wasn't my favorite, I believe that everyone has different tastes, and the orange chicken was very sweet. I'm dead, honey well, not shrimp; you better believe I'm dead while I'm still alive. Chicken with black pepper is amazing.


A gastronomic journey that provides a variety of sensations is Panda Express. Everyone can find something they enjoy on their extensive menu, which includes the controversial orange chicken as well as the delicious honey walnut shrimp. It is important to note, nevertheless, that whilst many dishes live up to our expectations, others left us with uncertain options.

In the end, the issue still stands: will Panda Express satiate your appetite? It all depends on what you personally favor. The honey walnut shrimp and black pepper chicken are must-tries for people looking for flavorful experiences. And the orange chicken can appeal to you if you're not too picky about sweets.

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