What Do People Like At Panda Express

What do people like at panda express? Yes, of course, the answer is Panda Express Orange Chicken, the Panda Express popular all over the country.

What do people like at panda express? Yes, of course, the answer is Panda Express Orange Chicken, the Panda Express popular all over the country. There is no doubt about that. Only the Orange Chicken of Panda Express can reach 30% of the turnover.

What Do People Like At Panda Express

But if we talk about it now, do we Americans like Chinese food? There are so many answers. Of course, our observation points are not in one dimension.

Let’s talk about McDonald’s and KFC in China first. Do the Chinese in China like them? The answer, of course, is yes. Let’s analyze why?

Speaking of food culture, I can think of Chinese and Japanese food in Asia, Italian and French food in Europe, and Spain. After all, Spain also has delicious local dishes. But what do we have in America? McDonald’s and KFC. Our McDonald’s and KFC are famous and related to the American culture we export.

Dollars, oil, stocks, these are the American culture that we highly admire worldwide. According to custom, when Chinese people eat McDonald’s, they eat American culture.

This is an open country, open to the outside world, a miniature of absorbing diversified culture. But if you ask the Chinese, is McDonald’s delicious? Not necessarily.

Localization Improvement

We all know the taste of McDonald’s in America. After all, we eat every day. But is the taste of McDonald’s in China the same as that of America? Of course, some people will say that the success of McDonald’s is the product of industrialization. Assembly line operation is a taste all over the world.

But have you ever been to China and eat at McDonald’s? This is the first question. My answer is that only, after all, our McDonald’s has been able to gain a foothold in China because of its local taste.

American Cultural Export

Have you ever studied the audience of hamburgers and chips in Chinese McDonald’s restaurants? As I said earlier, what we export is American culture. Of course, those who can accept this must be more open-minded people or senior intellectuals.

I can tell you that those who eat in McDonald’s restaurants in China are all about 20-40 years old, with children. Almost in McDonald’s restaurants, there are no elderly people. The fundamental reason is that McDonald’s is not dinner in the eyes of Chinese people.

Interestingly, I have met the elderly with their children at McDonald’s. The children eat hamburgers, but the elderly don’t eat them, so they are accompanied.

Delivery Speed

McDonald’s hamburgers and French fries are also very competitive in China, Speed. What I said is speed, which can be reflected in several aspects. One is speed time in McDonald’s.

If you are interested, you can overview the management of McDonald’s. They must put the average meal time of each guest within the scope of control. During peak hours, the average meal time of each guest can be shortened so that more guests can be accepted and better profits can be made. The second is the shelf life.

We all know that making Chinese food takes a lot of time and steps, and every process of making Chinese food is essential. Imagine the following: when a Chinese orders a Chinese takeout, it will take at least 30 minutes to get it. Talk about food quality.

But hamburgers are not the same, as long as you take them and heat them with a microwave oven in your home or office, you can eat them. Food quality? They ordered takeout and didn’t care about the quality of the food.

For Another Taste

Change your taste. Of course, Chinese people have three meals a day and only Chinese food every day. Once in a while, it’s time to adjust the taste of McDonald’s.

No matter how much McDonald’s improves, it can’t replace the Chinese people’s eating habits. Most of it is because our American culture has been exported so successfully. What about the Japanese? Similarly, the Japanese began to absorb western civilization from the Meiji Restoration.

But the Japanese have a more traditional culture of eating. I feel the same throughout Asia. And Indian curry. It can only be said that Asian food culture is so thriving. At the same time, our American cultural export is also very successful.

Well, back to the beginning. Do Americans like Chinese food?

The answer is the same as McDonald’s in China. It’s just the same. Let’s try Chinese food for a change. It’s not like talking and changing your mood.

However, it is undeniable that Chinese food is not bad. Why can Panda Express open so many branches in the United States? Modern management, assembly-line operation, localization improvement, Chinese food culture promotion. All of these are the success factors of Panda Express.

Did you find out? Isn’t Chinese food in Chinatown the same as in Panda Express? A Chinese restaurant in Chinatown is Asian, while Panda Express is American.

What flavor do we Americans like? Of course, I’m just saying the common phenomenon is sour, sweet, with a little spicy. You can find that the entrees offered by Panda Express are full of this flavor.

There’s another manifestation that I don’t know if you’ve noticed. The people lining up in front of Panda Express are all Americans. You rarely see Chinese people. Even if there are Chinese people, you listen to them and speak Chinese. It’s a trip to the United States, landing in the United States for a short time and having a Chinese meal in Panda Express.

What’s more interesting is that in 2021, there will be no Panda Express in China. However, I heard that Panda Express is in the United Arab Emirates and South Korea in Asia. So now we talk about eating Chinese food in Panda Express is not accurate.

It should be said that we should go to Panda Express to eat American Chinese dishes. I’m not belittling Panda Express. That’s what makes Panda Express successful. Panda Express has more than 2,000 branches in the United States alone.

Have you seen Japanese restaurants, Indian restaurants, or Italian restaurants on such a large scale? No. Have you ever seen a restaurant with an annual turnover of more than $10 billion? There are few, even our local catering chains. Of course, McDonald’s must be over $10 billion. The management concept of Panda Express is perfect.


What do people like at panda express? On this issue, I suggest not to ask the Chinese students or Chinese colleagues around you. They eat authentic Chinese food, or they cook Chinese food at home. Look at the long line in the front row of each Panda Express. It’s known. It must be very suitable for our American taste. Finally, what is the signature dish of Panda Express? Orange Chicken in Panda Express. Of course, Kung Pao Chicken, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, and Broccoli Beef are also good.

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